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How much did a National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners survey find that a 300 yard allotment could save you throughout the course of a year?

As well as getting you out in the sun and exercising, allotments can end up saving you a good bit of money over time, more than compensating for the initial costs and hard work.

Which one of these benefits is not associated with raised beds?

Raised Beds can have a number of advantages on your plot, and to top it all off, they look amazing!

Which of these animals is not commonly kept on an allotment?

It's often seen as an allotmenter's right to keep certain animals on the plot, with some even protected by law in the Allotments Act of 1950. One of these animals, however, is less likely to be made welcome by allotment plot holders.

During which war was the 'Dig For Victory' campaign launched in order to increase Britain's self-sufficiency?

You've probably seen the famous pictures of smiling Brits either digging, holding spades or showing off their produce along with the slogan 'Dig For Victory'. But when was this campaign initiated?

Which of these is not a benefit of crop rotation?

Whilst it can sometimes seem like hard work, crop rotation can have a great number of benefits for your allotment.

Which of these is the best way to reduce the acidity of your soil?

Most plants thrive in fairly neutral soil, so having it too acidic can mean that you are limited to certain plants, or that your plants don't grow as well as the could.

Which one of these won't benefit the quality of your topsoil?

There are few things more important to your plants' development than ensuring that they are grown in high quality, deep topsoil.

Which one of these plants is a perennial?

Perennial plants are those which do not complete their entire life cycle within a year. Most allotment plants are annuals, but which of these isn't?

Why do you often find allotments by railway lines?

Have you ever noticed that there are a great number of allotments bordering railway lines around the UK?

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